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Fantasy Startup®

The foremost worldwide simulation for venture investing. Build a portfolio, track your investments, and complete mini-lessons & quizzes. Upon completion, earn a Sophisticated Startup Investor certificate for your LinkedIn!

Entrepreneur & Finance Professors
University Students
Beginning Investors & Founders

Equity Bible™

The First-Time Founder’s Equity Bible walks entrepreneurs through the various stages of raising capital for their startup. It’s a 2-hour read but you’ll save 25 hours of self-directed research!

Entrepreneur & Finance Professors (curriculum)
University Students
Beginning Founders & Investors

QAI™ Course and Certification

The QAI Exam & Certification Course sets the "Gold Standard" for Market and Financial Sophistication in venture. It has been meticulously designed by award-winning academics and thoroughly peer-reviewed by expert practitioners. Having QAI letters behind your name is an objective demonstration that you are in the top 20% of market and financial acumen in venture.

Angel Investors
Entrepreneur Professors
Venture Advisors

Doriot Venture Club

An education-first venture investing club for those seeking real-world (and low risk) startup investing experience. Each week, members review active startup deals, hold live discussions, and learn as a community.

Startup Investors (both new and seasoned)
Founders (for insights into pitching investors)
Entrepreneur & Finance Professors
University Students

Venture Weekend™

You've heard of Startup Weekend, right? Well, introducing Venture Weekend! While the focus of Startup Weekend is to generate an MVP, the emphasis of Venture Weekend is on raising capital and investing in startups.

If you're ready to learn the harsh realities of venture (wearing multiple hats) in a fun and high energy environment, Venture Weekend is the perfect event. Request more information now to organize a truly amazing event for your community, network, or team. (Requires 12 or 16 teams with 2 - 3 players per team).

Startup Community Weekend Event
Angel or Accelerator Group 1-Day Event
Startup Conference Event for Attendees