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Gerry Hays

Gerry Hays is an avid entrepreneur and investor, self-made through years of entrepreneurship and startup investing. As a professor and mentor, he has equipped thousands with the tools to thrive in the entrepreneurial economy.

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How startup investing works



the entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of innovation. Startups are the largest job creators in our economy.



the startup investor

Investors choose which startups get funded. This is how they decide the future economy (and get rich).



startup investing

The game is changing. With Doriot, anyone can learn how to invest and participate in the new economy.

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Our Story

Our story starts with another story. In 1946, Harvard business professor and WWII army general, Georges Doriot, created the first public venture capital fund and became the founding ‘Father of Venture Capital’. He wanted to give the public better access to opportunity. What is venture capital today? The playground for the wealthy and connected, who monopolize the profits of the entrepreneurial economy.

It’s time to change the game. Inspired by Doriot’s vision, we’re bringing venture capital back to its roots. Everyone can and should have access to the high-potential investment opportunities that shape our economy.

Doriot empowers the next wave of entrepreneurs and investors to play the startup investing game.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people realize wealth, opportunity, and abundance by learning how to participate and win in the entrepreneurial economy.

What would the world look like if millions of people gain access to startup investing? And, learn how to start investing? We believe in the power of democratizing startup investing.

Join Doriot as we educate and empower a new generation of ‘sophisticated investors’. Learn how to play the game.

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