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Think you have what it takes to predict the

Think you have what it takes to predict the next

next Snap, TikTok, or Airbnb?

Snap, TikTok, or Airbnb?



“Pretend Money” in startups launching across the globe that you believe in



Skills and identify patterns that will make you a smarter investor and/or entrepreneur



Cash and prizes if you assemble one of the most valuable portfolios and add value along the way

[ doe-ree-oh ]

Our Story

Doriot pays homage to General Georges Doriot, a Harvard Professor who created the first Public Venture Capital fund in 1946. Since then, the wealthy and connected have formed “limited partnerships” to monopolize the profits of the entrepreneurial economy. We believe markets should be competitive, and education is the first step.

Our Vision

Millions realize wealth, opportunity, and abundance via participation in the entrepreneurial economy.

Learn about startup investing and earn big rewards!