Is money a god? We act like it sometimes.

Sure, our capitalistic world runs on money, and we have to build a healthy relationship with it in order to succeed financially. But, shouldn’t money be something we use instead of something that uses us?

Most people live with a mindset of lack and scarcity, fighting for scraps, making money only to turn around and spend it. Money allows us to consume more, but this is not the ultimate path to wealth and happiness. If you can set your feelings aside and take an objective look at what money is, you might see it differently. It’s not our fault, we’re implicitly taught to worship money. Doriot CEO and founder, Gerry Hays, is here to re-teach us how to use money as a tool that works for us and, most importantly, build a healthy mindset around it. His insights as an experienced entrepreneur, investor, and an entrepreneurial finance professor of 17 years will push the boundaries of your understanding of money. For example, have you ever asked yourself why you need money? And, followed that thought path fully to see where you end up?

Before you go buy that next $10 Chipotle burrito or $5 Starbucks coffee, watch this 5-minute video that will change how you think of money and put you on the path to money security instead of money scarcity.

Watch: Why You’re Broke