“You will get nowhere if you do not inspire people.” – Georges Doriot, Father of Venture Capital & inspiration to Doriot 

Today, in honor of George Floyd and all other victims of racist or unjust treatment, we’re hitting pause on other plans and directing our attention to the Black Lives Matter movement to participate in the global conversation on prejudice and injustice. Focusing on anything else right now simply feels disingenuous. We have to acknowledge our harsh reality in order to do anything about it.

Black Lives Matter: the time to act is now

We’re witnessing a historic time – decades of frustration from systemic injustice, bubbling over the brim. Could this be a catalyst for real change? This event has activated people around the world to act in solidarity for the Black Lives Matter cause. We can’t think, hope, or talk our way beyond inequality, as the war on racism wages on. Real change can only come if we band together and mobilize in a constructive way. We must all find our role to play to make real change. It’s on us to create the future we want.

From Minneapolis to LA to Amsterdam to Berlin, people all over the world are doing their part to enact change. As the world erupts into protest in response to George Floyd’s untimely and unnecessary death, people break months-long quarantine to take to the streets. These protests are sparked by recent events, but fueled by the countless other incidents of injustice that have come before and, sadly, will come after. That is why we must act now.

“The waves of protests across the country represent a genuine and legitimate frustration over a decades-long failure to reform police practices and the broader criminal justice system in the United States.” – Barack Obama on Medium

What’s next? From protests to politics

Everyone makes a difference in this movement. Every individual and business should play their unique and relevant role, against the backdrop of equality for all.

#BlackLivesMatter is trending right now, but the real change comes after the wave of protests as we continue putting the pressure on the powers that be with our voices and votes. Voting turnout in the US is abysmal, especially for the state and local elections that actually have the biggest impact on reforming things like our police departments and criminal justice system. If younger voter participation in local elections increases, the rate of change would accelerate dramatically. One study points out that voters “65 years and older were a median of seven times more likely to vote than those ages 18 to 34, who frequently registered turnout rates in the single digits.” Candidates running for office will respond and cater to the demands of their most active voters – the demographics who will most likely vote them in. Claim your voice and become the demographic that decides the future.

How to help Black Lives Matter

“When You’re Done: Educate Yourself. This Doesn’t Go Away Once The Topic Isn’t, ‘Trending’” – Learn more on the Black Lives Matter site

We recommend checking out this recent list from Forbes with clear, actionable options of how to help Black Lives Matter – including where to donate and which petitions to sign and campaigns to support. Check it out (credit goes to Forbes for compiling it):

  • Donate directly to Black Lives Matter
  • Get involved with your local BLM chapter or start your own, if it doesn’t already exist
  • Donate to a bail fund: Some Twitter users are crowdsourcing lists of organizations that help bail out protesters who get arrested & this crowdsourced Google Doc of bail funds is constantly growing
  • Support the National Police Accountability Project: a project of the National Lawyers Guild that helps people find legal counsel
  • Support Campaign Zero: a police reform group working on policy solutions “informed by data and human rights principles”
  • Sign a petition: The Civil rights group Color of Change launched a petition asking that all officers involved in Floyd’s death are brought to justice. The “Justice for George Floydpetition on Change.org already has 8.5 million supporters and you join in on this initiative that clearly sends a big message.

There are many lists of resources appearing to help people educate themselves to confidently contribute to the conversation – like this and this. There’s even a public Google doc with ‘Anti-racism resources for white people’.

Ultimately, if we can unite behind this common cause and eradicate systemic racism, injustice, and oppression from our realities, the world of tomorrow will be a better place. We must aspire to something greater.

“If, going forward, we can channel our justifiable anger into peaceful, sustained, and effective action, then this moment can be a real turning point in our nation’s long journey to live up to our highest ideals. Let’s get to work.” – Barack Obama


See what else Doriot is doing to help Black Lives matter in our original post on Instagram:

“Recent events continue to illuminate the racism, injustice, and institutional oppression black people have faced for centuries.

We have a responsibility to educate ourselves, stand up, and make change. Doriot believes in empowering the disenfranchised to create a better world. This means not only leveling, but expanding the playing field with access to wealth-generating opportunities for all.

We’re taking action to make a difference & build a more equitable future. We’re educating ourselves with The Antiracist Research & Policy Center @antiracismctr and donating to The Bail Project @bailproject . Read our blog for more ways you can educate yourself, donate, and be a part of the change.”